Leading the pet industry with reliable customized products.


TAECHU BIO has been in the pet industry since 2015. Based on customer trust and advanced technology, we have ndeavored to achieve customer satisfaction through high-quality products. As an ODM and OEM manufacturer for veterinary quasi -drugs, we realize customer values with our advanced technologies and high quality through continuous R&D and the recruitment of talents.

  • Belief and trust-oriented enterprise

    We develop and provide high-quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Harmonious and happy enterprise

    We are happy because we can do something for our beloved people and their pets.

  • Enterprise with respect
    to the pet’s life

    We keep working hard to help pets have a healthy and happy life.

  • Planning

    With a goal of making all products unique and valuable and our brand more special, we attempt to use differentiated marketing.

  • R&D

    We develop and provide the best pet products through ceaseless R&D based on our special recipe

  • Design

    We impress our customers with trendy and stylish designs from product packaging to web banners.

  • Production

    Based on our diverse product lines and extensive manufacturing experience, we produce and distribute safe and reliable veterinary quasi-drugs using strict quality control.

  • Export

    High-quality products developed with our advanced technology and extensive know-how are proven highly effective and distributed worldwide, including Europe and Asia.